Death by a thousand cuts (camerons sunday evening game)

Reynauld's Journal - Entry 4

An unexpected act of kindness

[The entry is written in the same code as the previous entry but the handwriting is almost illegible, as if written by one with an unsteady hand]

Did not see that coming. Was “reading” in library when Rathal arrived with unknown. Apparently priest of Sarenrae. Rathal apologised for previous injury, brought healer to repair kneecap. Furthermore seemed sincere in apology, not fishing for favour. Will have to chat about that later. Accepted help, knee cause of great pain. Priest was kindly throughout procedure. Procedure itself was short but intense burst of pain but kneecap better. That not important however. Retired to chambers after “reading”, took off hat before sleep. Did not feel scar tissue. Investigated further. Turns out spell healed my burns. Symbol and reminder of past gone. Shame and guilt lifted. Can actually wear own face without disgusting others. Despite considerable reading on multiple languages cannot find right words to properly describe feeling.

Not been one for gods but incident has me interested in Sarenrae. Feel filled with drive and growing sense of purpose. Also paradoxically a great amount of uncertainty. Must consider events, gather self. Shall retire to chambers, hopefully remain as undisturbed as possible.



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