Viceroy General Izalk

Glorious Resplendant's Rifle


Gunslinger (12)/Spellslinger (3)


Viceroy General Izalk is a great exemplar of his kobold tribe as his martial competence and unquestioning dedication and loyalty to his gold dragon overlord has distinguished him from his peers. Almost from birth Izalk was trained and shaped to serve as a loyal defender as his rare golden scales were considered an auspicious sign and a reflection of his future relationship with his lord. Kobolds not being naturally strong Izalk made the musket his weapon of choice, it’s range and power making up for this natural deficit. With his rifle (which he had named “Gloriana”) he would participate in numerous defences of their cave, even losing an eye in one incursion which he blames the lack of discipline and devotion of his fellow kobolds for. It was after this that Izalk had distinguished himself enough to be entrusted with knowledge of his overlord’s horde and lands, personal defence of his lord and eventually positions of command. When strangers arrived stating that they were claiming this land for the elven king Izalk’s overlord quickly manoeuvred himself into being their supreme commander of the armed forces and Izalk was sent with a small contingent of Kobolds to keep an eye on these colonists.

Eventually, after a situation involving daemons, Izalk was voted onto the ruling council in the position of Viceroy. Being a position with no real responsibilities (as there was no colonial or outlying provinces for him to administrate) it did however afford him prestige and more importantly lend more voting power to his esteemed overlord. Furthermore Izalk was now within the inner circle of the ruling class and discovered numerous secrets but perhaps none more terrifying than the return of the Great Old One Yog-Sothoth was nigh.

In their efforts to raise funds to help fight the beast a campaign was arranged against the chromatic dragons whose hordes would be used to fund a device capable of preventing Yog-Sothoth’s nigh omniscience. Much personal wealth was also gained however and with his Izalk would assemble a small battlegroup of skyships and his own personal army believing that if Yog-Sothoth was coming they would need every gun they could muster. With this Izalk now amended his title of Viceroy General and his forces officially being a colonial defence force. Also, realising that many of the threats he would now face would be somewhat magical in nature he requested to be tutored by his overlord so that he may use magic and gun together to destroy these threats. Currently Izalk is a dedicated and diligent student, quickly adapting to the use of the arcane.

Viceroy General Izalk

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