Reynauld Zann

Previously mystery man of the arts, now an exceptionally upset dread wraith


Not much is directly known about the man simply called Reynauld. Place of birth, family, marital status, place of residence. It’s not even clear if Reynauld is his real name or a common alias. However examining the many works published under this name can reveal much about this mysterious character. Firstly, he has published a wide variety of different writings from poetry and song to novels and reports for journal columns. This in conjunction with a few references to a father who was a bard points to a home education which went beyond standard reading and writing and to learning the bardic arts. Credited appearances in different plays and musical events to a Reynauld further suggests a learned past as a bard. Curiously no references to a mother or mother figure. In addition investigation into the areas where these works were published will reveal a multitude of different side jobs from the legitimate, town guard, town crier, travelling adventurer, to the less legitimate with rumours of talented forger and thug. It would be his commissioned political writings that would bring attention from those with in power and bring Reynauld back to his adventurer days.

So far, from analysing his works it appears that Reynauld is most concerned with language and the nature of ideas, shown from the many obscure language tricks and linguistic jokes buried within much of his work. Some academic journals have even published articles by a “Professor Reynauld” concerning strange theories on the relation of language, ideas, true names and the communication methods of extra-planer creatures such as angels. Ultimately, due to the close knit nature of academic groups it became apparent there was no “Professor Reynauld” and his articles were subsequently discarded.

Reynauld Zann

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