Death by a thousand cuts (camerons sunday evening game)

Reynauld's Journal - Entry 5

I am angry. Angry about Adran.

[This entry appears to be written in a similar, but different code from previous entries]

Since my last entry I have helped oversee a successful military campaign, performed in a successful charity concert raising over 36000 gold and obtain a solid gold fiddle from a devil in a musical duel for my soul. One would normally expect elation or pride at such achievements. Other events however have left me exhausted and with a constant pain behind my eyes.

The “military campaign” which was really just a genocide of a tribe of fire giants. I wouldn’t say they were paragons of virtue but I have my doubts over such an action was the right course. I’m trying my best to be a better person but it seems at every turn I’m faced with either universally bad options or people try and stop me from doing the right thing. The charity concert went well but I did not play anywhere near my best, it has been some time since I played on a stage but who knows how much more I could’ve raised had I played better. Still my time in the capital paid off, between gathering maps of the world and pre-cataclysm planes, and asking sailors about any strange happenings I managed to pinpoint the next plane in construction. I put my case forward to the party and managed to convince them to investigate although Rathal was rather difficult to convince. We readied the Vice and went off.

Then Rathal showed me his journal mid-flight and it made for an interesting read to say the least. Alder had Volernth assassinated, something he freely admitted when confronted. He tried to justify his acts by claiming that Volernth was a mad man (mad dragon?) who would drag us all into a war and that we would be powerless to stop him. I do not agree with such an assessment and even if it were true there were multiple other courses of action with murder being the very last and most unacceptable! What’s worse is the bastard is likely to get away with it, as something much more important has come up that has forced me to postpone justice.

We crossed the planar boundary and arrived in a land of fire and darkness. Great volcanoes covered the land and thick black clouds the sky. In the distance rain clouds appeared and disappeared. In the centre of it all was an average figure in plain clothing. It first appeared to enquire why we were here and I told it all about a voyage of discovery concerning why exactly the planes were coming back. Satisfied the figure disappeared so we had to try and summon it back to answer our questions. It was as I expected, Io had survived his clash with Yog-Sothoth and was in the process of reconstructing the Planes. We learned much more. The gates to the realm of the Great Old Ones have not been closed, Yog-Sothoth may return but could be permanently slain if defeated and all gates are closed and our fates are somehow tied to something to do with the gates. Sounds vague but Io did look through time to find this out and it would probably be wise for us to for such knowledge to be vague.

However I think perhaps the most important discovery for me personally was that Adran has the Spear of Gilgamesh and Alder has given him Gorum’s sword! I admit I lost my head finding that out but it’s difficult to control myself when things go this wrong. Quite honestly all this leaves me tired and frustrated. At every damn turn there lurks Adran. He has the spear, he has the sword, he has godly power, he has legions of worshippers, he most likely has his own private army, he has immense wealth and political power. He has been outmanoeuvring people more powerful, rich and smarter than I since before I was born. Hell I’m probably handling some minor affairs for him right now considering almost the entire population of the town are Adran worshippers. An inquisitor of Adran sits on the council. Adran Adran Adran Adran, always god damn Adran. I think my mild distrust has festered into a full blown HATRED of that accursed man. He even had the gall to show up as a priest of Sarenrae and heal my burns. I bet he thinks I owe him too the git. It takes all I have not to throw away the progress I’ve made worshipping Sarenrae just to spite him. In any case, the bigger they are, the harder the fall and when he falls and I pry that spear out of his cold, dead hands it will be all the more glorious for it that a stupid, arrogant, puny, stubborn whelp like me tried to stand against him.

I probably shouldn’t get this angry, it can’t be good for my health. In other news Mephistopheles has been overthrown by some strange Asmodeus/Cthulu hybrid offspring. The devil I summoned to find this out challenged me to a musical duel, a fiddle of gold against my soul. Well it was a bet he was going to regret because I’m the best there’s ever been. It’s a rather heavy instrument, but it plays pretty well although it is a bit tacky, can’t see myself using it often. Despite it’s material value I don’t think I’ll be selling it, considering what I risked to obtain it I don’t think it’s right for such a thing to be merely bought, sold or stolen. It needs to be earned.

Still Mephistopheles fall is an interesting turn of events indeed, perhaps it should be looked into further…



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