Death by a thousand cuts (camerons sunday evening game)

Reynauld's Journal - Entry 3


Decoded Excerpt:

Destroyed old journal. Destroyed research notes. Will hide this one when done. Research notes not required, mask will retain information for me but still unfortunate loss. Inquisitor tortured me today, most dangerously did not even concern assassination of king. Interest in research fields. Received crossbow bolt to knee and awful poison. Survived relatively unscathed, final goal of research successfully hidden. Made up story about compulsion magic, appeal to paranoia. Despite this, can’t help but feel connection to inquisitor. Told me his reasoning, his past. While clear omissions did not press. Too similar to my own past, one bad day from becoming him. Had to give up much of past to conceal research but acceptable loss. Research hit difficulties, will pursue other avenues before returning. Bid for king failed, succubus now queen or “president” as position is called now. Somewhat disappointed, will have to help in spare time now. Have much of it considering current position. Obvious corruption in display with dragon. Dragons don’t just give up claims, suspect large amounts of gold involved. Concern at proposed state monopolies, unsurprised at both business owners jumping at opportunity. Continued lack of trust in fellow councillors except ironically my torturer. New councillor, ratfolk investigator. Apparent detective from human kingdom. Examined papers, if forgeries they are exceptional. Mild concern natural inquisitive nature will turn up past. In tandem with possibility of recognising past self due to their previous professional capacity will tread with caution. Perhaps investigation of my own required for contingency plan.

Acquired group of tengu for kingdom. Mostly drunks and gamblers. Good company, not sure of practical use. Glad to have someone to gamble with, good to have hobbies other than research and intrigue. Cleared out monster nest and noted position of isolationist sea giant. Harmless for now but concern for development of nearby area. Will solve issue when it arises. Will suggest investigation into how and why exactly this plane is here. Should be impossible after cataclysm. Perhaps most important event currently, discovery of mechanics behind this extremely useful. Will recommend to council.

While hidden and encoded current journal still not safe enough. At next opportunity will buy books of letters to replace damaged book and a cypher book. Two levels of code make decryption much more difficult. Nothing terribly damning in journal but fellow councillors dangerous, best not take unnecessary risks. On other hand paranoia not terribly healthy or stable and discovery risks further suspicion. Acceptable loss.



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