Death by a thousand cuts (camerons sunday evening game)

Rathal's Journal - Entry 3


My life has been a never ending search for acceptance and meaning. I was shunned by my people from birth and witnessed my God die as she failed to protect her followers. In desperation rather than strive to uphold what I considered sacred I turned from the dying light and embraced the darkness. Norgorber seemed to be a God that would if not care for me at least value my abilities. Going through the initiation was as close to hell as I ever want to go, but I overcame it. I spent my life searching for secrets to use the knowledge as a weapon. Not necessarily even use but just to have it as a tool. Then I came to this “Kingdom” and everything changed. Initially doing what I deemed necessary to guarantee a position of power and authority and have at least two accomplices. But I thought if I was to be marshal I should at least get to know the people I make the law for. The concept of the worship of Adran revolted me. He’s the Prime Minister of the human kingdom after all, isn’t that treason? But then I realised that he was a kind, caring and sympathetic god. I went in and spoke to the priests, having tea and biscuits of course, and discussed conversion. I mean someone has to represent the actual majority religion of this kingdom. He came to me and washed away my sins. I no longer felt my compulsion to kill and hurt that had manifested over years of devout worship of Norgorber. Although with this came a new sensation guilt. I now actually regretted what I have done, for the first time since I can remember. I immediately asked that he heal a… friend, I hurt. Badly. He became a priest of Serenrae and I took him to Reynauld to heal is shattered kneecap. It felt good doing something because it was the right thing to do and not as a power play. Strange but good. Reynauld is changing too, after Adran healed his facial scars he seemed to become calmer he has become a follower of Saranrae. Probably for the best. He wasn’t a huge fan of Adran



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