Death by a thousand cuts (camerons sunday evening game)

Sciutos ramblings
top secret

Those crazy-ass people!! For the past few months all they are focusing on is creating this “kingdom”. It took them 3 months to build my dance hall, the whole reason we were meant to be here in the first place. Every time I try to speak up nobody listens to me, it’s all about that damn dragon and whatever he wants. Adran is probably getting sick of having to hear my prayers, I built him a temple at least, although the council tried to suppress freedom of religion. It’s crazy, we brought all of these people here to help them, to give them the freedom to build their lives and those psychopaths want to strip them of their rights! They are insane, they are spending so much time and effort to marry the dragon to some elven noble to fortify alliances and they don’t even know the work that I’m doing to prevent all-out war. The dragon messed up, he swore allegiance to the elf and thus betrayed the allegiance we had mode to Aifellen, Adran and Drake, on top of this his irrational behavior risks the faith that Aifellen put in us with her citizens and his refusal to let people worship Adran… well it wouldn’t be surprising if all three of them didn’t decide to band together unilaterally and wipe up out. If they think that the elf can stop them before they accomplish their task they are idiots. However strong the elf king may be, Adran is a God and Aifellen could easily rally her loyals still in the kingdom. Not to mention that both Adran and Aifellen have been here within the past month and nobody knew about it. Plus, if it came to it, the elf would sooner have them on good terms if they can travel through as opposed to a small village to nobody’s. It’s ridiculous!!!
If I weren’t working alongside the queen and Adran they would be in so much trouble, I don’t even know why I’m helping them – they are psychopaths!! After spending 3 months building houses and temples (and my dancehall) they decided to go around the local area and check for monsters that could harm the villagers. This by itself is okay, but they were crazy, they were chapping people’s doorbells and then trying to pick fights and kill people. That good dragon they tried to kill would have become a much bigger problem had we not stopped the fight and offered him a deal. If he had been left alone he would have maybe tried to steal some gold or some sheep, but by starting this fight he stole gold anyway, and asked for a sheep tax to be due to him. We managed to talk the psycho-dragon into giving him a space on the council at least so if he goes too crazy hopefully goldie will step in and stop him.
Then they tried to attack the Raksashas. These guys were just minding their own business when the group stormed their house and threatened them. The summoner guy and his wannabe tried to set fire to the house while we were trying to negotiate. The group followed him and put him out of his misery (freeing that wannabe in the process) while I spoke to the Raksasha. They claim that they probably won’t be here for long and we can call on them if we need them, though they might not come.
I’m worried, if they catch me out as not being “loyal” to the dragon that I may suffer the same fate. I was okay with him, loyal to the group; however his recent betrayals and power trip have proven too much. He admitted before that he was unstable, his obsession with crazy artifacts saw to that. He even told us once that he wasn’t sure he was the best person to always look to, that he was too insane to lead the group. Sadly everybody else seemed to ignore his moment of clarity.
If he can’t lead a group of able bodied adventurers, how does he imagine he can lead a “kingdom”?
I’ve spoken to Adran, I’ve asked him to speak (either directly or through the queen) to the elven king. I want the dragon demoted to a normal council member and we can have a democratic system. The issue is we can’t decide anything as a council for as long as the dragon is being insane and determined to be a ruler and the only way to put him down is either to kill him (which would cause unrest) or to go over his head. However, he can’t know the request came from me. I may try to have a sneaky one-to—one with a few council members to decide what happens if the elven king comes back to us, or if we need to act unilaterally.

This whole thing has spiraled way out of control. This was meant to be a holiday home for my girls, not a new life mission and treason against the queen.

Sciutos Diary

Sciuto’s letter

I don’t know what to make of my travel companions; first they claim to hate the king and queen and are part of a rebellion, then just as I was about to secure my future, they kill the rebels king and betray the rebels to the king and queen they claim they hated.

For 2 years they went away doing their own thing, and I was quite glad because although I had originally joined with them hoping to save my brothers and sisters who are under Drakes care, when I got to meet them they were happy and content. I became loyal to the queen when I was her concubine – I believe I was her favourite as she often entertained me alone. I also grew to like Adras and Drake, Adras for his efficiency and Drake because he always ran away when I told him to, plus he was quite fun to mess with.

The group was disjointed, we went on a quest to get a sword, but then they decided that they weren’t going to hand in the sword, so it’s sitting in a safe somewhere. All that effort for nothing!

In the mean time I’ve amused myself with starting a business, the tree man wanted a drama club, and I wanted to start a brothel to ensure that wherever we went we had a group of loyal people to get us information and we had a source of income. Naturally the girls get 50% of the charge, with 25% going to me (though I often end up giving them things instead) and 25% serving as their housing charge to fund the operation of the ship.

I started to think however of the provision of holiday homes for the girls and in case they want a break to start a family or settle down away from the ship (whilst still being together as the close knit community they have become) I was also thinking of how to provide for them when they retire and if anything ever happens to the ship. These questions plagued me for a while until we were going over the spare land in the elven kingdom (again) and I determined that we should start a land settlement to enable the workers to attend schools and hospitals and to have homes away from the ship. The Dragon went on another power trip and tried to declare himself king and everyone started arguing. It was very frustrating as even though it was my idea nobody listened to me.

We went back to the queen and her companions whilst the dragon stayed to strike up land deals with the elves. I had hoped that he would have gotten over his power trip when left alone with such a big task, but instead he accepted the offer to serve under the elven king as the ruler of our new “kingdom”. I had suspected as much and whilst seeing the queen Aioffellen I had already made a deal. I would help her with her overcrowding issue and help to provide a better life for many of the refugees that had come to her kingdom in recent years and in return I would promise her loyalty and report to her what the dragon is doing if it becomes a threat to her kingdom. The rest of my companions may have turned against her, but I won’t.

We were able to convince the dragon to assemble a council to ensure that he can’t go crazy one day and eat everyone, but I don’t even know what to think. I’m hoping some of our group might still be loyal to the Queen, but they seem very quick to betray people. I don’t think I trust them.

Traitor Kings memoires
I want a new title

I’m not really sure what happened to be honest. Firstly I was sent to claim some land from the elves. Which required me to swear fealty to him. Which required me to commit high treason. What could go wrong. Well Drake showed up. And was pissed. Really pissed. My new king defended me and aided me in setting up the kingdom. Which I have yet to name, what with it being a village. The group of my new loyal subjects brought over 700 people to the new kingdom and quickly set about making it livable. At this point my kingdom has yet to be named. I’m thinking something about the rebirth of the Lost Isles. But we now have a threat, Drake. My loyal subjects have got to work founding it and helping to found a dynasty which is apparently important. Who knew. So I’m now trying to court some elven noble from a loyal and upstarting family.

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