Volernth Venia

Was a growing dragon


Quick to trust but considers himself above just about everything on this plane of existence. Having spent so much time around the Half Orc he has bpicked up a habit of eating people. Bad people but people none the less. He had to lose some weight… As captain of the HMS Vice he strives to make it the most powerful ship in the fleet, anything less would not be acceptable. But why are there so many kitchens?!


During the war between the Gods and the Great Old Ones the Lost Isles, the birthplace of the taninim was forced into the material plane as they all crashed together. As this was a war for survival the taninim joined their leaders the Elder Voices in fighting the Old Ones. With the inevitable losses of the leadership of the Elders and the fact anyone could now reach the Lost Isles the taninim were forced to join the material plane as begrudging equals. Most are still too proud to leave what remains of their territory, attacking those who enter on sight. Some such as Vollernth believe it is up to them to restore their power by influencing their new neighbours. Leaving at a very young age as his birth parents had both died losing their territory to another of their kind, Vollernth left for the remnants of the human Kingdom now under the control of Drake, Adran and the Queen. Born a Golden Draconic Exemplar, Vollernth was determined to restore some kind of order which was completely out of balance. Rumour had it Drake’s lieutenant was a red dragon and was using the power of the military to accumulate a hoard the likes of which had never been seen. This was bringing shame on anything with a draconic lineage and had to be dealt with. Joining the resistance Vollernth was part of a team which would lead to his own corruption. His essence having not been fully nurtured by his parental figures was prone to changing and as a result during one mission greed overcame his pride and his essence burned until it was dulled and made red. His essence would continue to change so now rather than a gleaming gold, it is a burned mixture of black, red and what remains of the gold. His goals having once been to restore order and remove the threat posed by Drake’s lieutenant are now to follow in his footsteps but clearly as a Draconic Exemplar, do a much better job.

Volernth Venia

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