Rathal Corym

Your local neighbourhood inquisitor


Having been sent to investigate the death of the late king Vollernth Venia who was killed in his own “palace”. Quickly taking a liking to none of the council members his investigation quickly led to him be left completely out of his depth. He was trained to hunt heretics not investigate assassins and ploitical intrigue.


Rathal was always shunned for his differences. For one he was more akin to a drow in that he had an aversion to sunlight to the extent he had to have special lens’ just to cope with going outside. He was also very quiet never talking much in public, to be fair he was rarely recived well when he did talk. Turning to faith early in his life he found Findeladlara the preserver of Elven culture and art to be a kind and sympathetic Goddess as she was accepting of all elves even himself. Rathal as a result of a maintained fear of speaking in public became an inquisitor rather than a cleric and a devoted follower of his Goddess. That was until the war of the Gods where he watched great empires such as his own crash around him. Such a thing couldn’t be allowed by his God. She had failed his people. All the Gods had failed their duty, but what could be expected of beings such as them. They all have their acolytes but what power do they really have when faced with the terrifying might of the Great Old Ones. Many Gods met their ends but some survived. Gods like Norgorber. A God with the cunning and guile to outwit such abominations and maintain control of his acolytes and not fail them. Rathal quickly rejected his old failure of a Goddess and began to observe the path of Norgorber. Thankfully his training as a follower of Findeladlara gave him something of amiability and kind-heartedness that would not be expected of a devotee to a deity of thievery and assassination. Rathal has no interest in assassinations or petty theft but rather knowledge. He has seen many fall to their own ignorance and he has no intention of following suit. Gathering secrets and keeping them to himself is a pleasure he finds inexplicably intoxicating. With no intention of using them he just loves to have the knowledge that he could.

Rathal Corym

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