Captain Varlassra

Izalk's Second in Command


Swarm Fighter (13)


Not much is known about the previous life of the now Captain Varlassra other than her previous overlord, a particularly nasty black dragon along with most of her fellow kobolds was killed in the chromatic dragon purge. Without an overlord or tribe and with only a sword to her name the future looked grim. However when a strange kobold dressed in fine golden armour offered her a chance at serving a new infinitely wise patron who would never die and being at the forefront of a developing power she leapt at the chance. It emerged during early sparring sessions that she was considerably more talented than the other kobolds who had received such an offer and she was quickly equipped with some of the finest armaments that gold could buy and promoted the position of captain. Taking her new found responsibilities with pride she quickly set about to drilling recruits and discussing strategy with her commanding officer, Viceroy General Izalk. While the debates over the merits of ranged and melee combat could get quite heated she grew to respect his competence and uncompromising dedication.

Captain Varlassra

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