Death by a thousand cuts (camerons sunday evening game)

Vollernth's Journal

Ok so maybe I got a bit ahead of myself. Turns out that I’m not the greatest being there has ever been. Well how was I supposed to know?! All I’ve met in these damned planes are creatures inferior to me in some way! I mean a tree whose greatest ability is to die explosively. An Orc with massive anger issues. A succubus… need I say more on that matter. Even the leadership of the kingdom… MY KINGDOM!! are inferior. Rumour has it Drake is a drug addict of monumental proportions, somehow. The Queen just sits with her harem gaining popularity seemingly based on her inactivity and then there’s Adran. Although I’m convinced he’s weak, I’m still wary of him. He’s up to something. Which is why he can’t have the sword. My sword. But then we meet this huge golden dragon. But he isn’t as I was raised to believe a barbaric brute with no civility. If anything we were the savages. That Orc and I charged in screaming bloody murder, well until he beat me to a pulp as the cowards fled and the Orc did bugger all. Thankfully the others convinced him to join the council as general; he’s quite good although all we have in terms of army is my ship and a few troops. But with us leading the way how could any hope to resist. But if I was wrong about him, what else am I wrong about? Maybe I shouldn’t be ruler. Maybe it’s for the best if the others take over. All I’m doing is making problems where there were none. (One failed vanity check later) But how could I ever allow that to be. Clearly without me this would all fall apart!! It’s thanks to me we have the land, and thanks to me we’re allies with the Elves! I will be king of this land and of the Human Kingdom! It’s my birth right! It’s my destiny!! (One failed wrathful roll later) And I’ll kill anyone, ANYONE, who gets in my way!



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