Death by a thousand cuts (camerons sunday evening game)

Sciutos Diary 2

Dead dragons and investigations

So the dragon got assassinated. That’s a shame. I think it was his old advisor, he was the only one to get this message and I never trusted him anyway, I bet he killed him in an attempt to frame me. He is creepy too, and jumped at the idea of taking the dragons place on the throne.

I asked the queen and she doesn’t know of why Adran would have had him assassinated, he was reluctant to admit that it was even him.

This investigator had sneaked into my room to investigate me and the queen was there already – apparently it was very awkward and the whole thing has definitely outted me…

I have offered to step up and take the dragons place, assuming that weirdo doesn’t try to assassinate me too… After all, I was the one that originally asked the group if we could try to create a settlement for the expansion of my business. It has become more than that, but I think I’m the most sane person, and most likely to do what’s best for the people instead of striving for power….

I shouldn’t really write a diary if people are reading my crap, but at least I have nothing to hide….



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