Death by a thousand cuts (camerons sunday evening game)

Reynauld's Journal - Entry 2

Goodbye Volernth

Things were not exactly going great before but there was potential with a little convincing we could actually create a stable state here. Vast expanses of land, ripe for exploitation. A state without woe or worry, a populace that wouldn’t know the starvation, poverty and suffering of the past. A weapon of great destruction, safely stowed. Of course it all had to fall apart and the situation is rapidly deteriorating and requires rapid mending lest all this infighting dissolve that which has so much potential. Even if the poor sods worship Adran they are just misguided, they don’t deserve the miseries that poverty brings.

After our foray in which the Orc was dispatched and riches of a purple worm claimed (my fellow councillors actually attempted to converse with the worm! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one trying to make this work, most of the time I feel like I’m the only one trying to make this work.) we returned to the standard day to day work of running the state (or rather I sat in the library doing research because my job leaves me with little to do). Volernth approached me one day to quickly mention he was invited to a private audience with representatives from the Elven King, bearing gifts. I personally didn’t like the idea of him going off on a private meeting mainly because he was not the most restrained of beings and I wouldn’t be there to clean up any mistakes and stop him from doing something stupid. Also I’m the Grand Diplomat, I should really be clued in with these things! Furthermore whilst he is was a dragon, it’s not becoming of a king to rip apart all threats with such violence, he should have “bodyguards” to deal with things in a more… noble way. However not long after I received a magical message, obviously strained and oddly desperate from him stating that he’d been assassinated by Adran.

Not even ashes remained, only his equipment. I assembled the council and informed them of what had happened. None of them seemed terribly concerned or upset perhaps maybe the Tree. Given our state could rapidly deteriorate without rulership and considerable Adran influence over the populace I moved to considering who should inherit due to the lack of heirs. Stupid, hasty move made me look right suspicious but considering I’m almost certainly not the one behind it I’m not too concerned. All bar the priest nominated themselves, although the Tree eventually pulled out. Given the possibility that a traitor may inherit I couldn’t sit idly by so I too nominated myself. Given the impasse it seemed sensible to inform the Elven King and defer to his judgement. He is considering it currently (eager to continue development of tax revenue no doubt, can’t blame him really) and has assigned an inquisitor to investigate the matter. A suspicious fellow himself, an inquisitor of Cayden Cailean? I suppose it’s not impossible, but where it not for him being assigned to the investigation I would be certainly pressing him on that. However he’s conducted the investigation well enough so far, admirably so considering he isn’t a professional investigator and the assassin leaving almost no physical evidence. Apparently our killer is an assassin of exceptional skill, rumoured to be equipped in strange technology, some of which is reputed to be Illithid in origin.

Although the assassin is of little concern, merely a tool. What is far more important is who is responsible for agitating for Volernth’s death on the council, as I am certain someone has. Given the evidence so far there is no real reason for Adran to call for the assassination, doubly so considering the sword was stolen away from us a week before his murder (such cunning, wonder if I’ll ever get one up on that sly bastard). Currently for me no one is beyond suspicion, although my prime suspect by far is the succubus. Shade seems unlikely as he has only focus for his religion and not much else and Glorious Resplendent would simply challenge Volernth to a duel and slaughter him.

For everyone else it seems I’m a prime suspect, bearer of the message, viewed as a manipulator and a puppet master. Even when I offer myself completely deprived of magical aids they fear to ask questions of me. I hadn’t even considered I struck such fear into my colleagues.

Despite the unfortunate fact that becoming King would make me a target and take me from the comfort of the back line I fear that I may be the only one capable of creating the kingdom it is supposed to be, free from the evils of poverty and immense toil. Gods help us all, what a mess.

Oh, one final thing. It’s rude to rummage through others belongings and read their personal journals, Rathal but don’t worry I’ll pray to Cayden Cailean to forgive you for your trespasses.


All in the name of the investigation Reynauld, I assure you

Reynauld's Journal - Entry 2

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