Death by a thousand cuts (camerons sunday evening game)

Reynauld's Journal - Entry 1

Considering our situation.

Well that escalated quickly. Although I never really intended to return the sword (people who ask for giant swords capable of slaying anything are generally those who should not be given them) I did not expect us to leave the kingdom behind and become vassals of the Elves. That said there were no other options that we could trust so I suppose it was inevitable. Also having a stationary base of operations will aid greatly in my research not to mention we now have the hand of a god! I could scarcely ask for better conditions. Perhaps the lack of a comprehensive library is a slight issue but I succeeded in obtaining a Mask of Tomes which should offset such an issue. Our “kingdom” is currently struggling forward but no major crises have occurred so far. Although there is definitely one brewing under the surface with the populace being part of the cult of Adran. I have no doubt they will become instruments to steal the sword and possibly the ship from us, this must be prevented at all costs. In council news, we must bid farewell to our temperamental half-orc friend after he had to be dealt with after trying to set fire to a building we were in and now welcome Resplendent, a golden dragon we encountered that truly knocked the living hell out of our own dragon. He brings with him 100 kobolds (finally someone who doesn’t worship Adran) and is now General of the Realm and Leader of the Armed Forces. Which will be wonderful when we have an army. As for the Rakshasas we encountered, I do not trust them one bit and will see to it that they understand what should happen should they harm our citizens. I have no intention of starting any conflict but I will see to the end of them.

Such excitement however greatly detracts from my primary research, and my new field of secondary research which is only marginally less important. How exactly is this plane here? Who or what caused this? Between the threat within and the threat without I believe it is this question that our council should consider and attempt to find answers for.



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